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A Welcome to Northern Italy

Reel 4x64 in Square Set

1-2 1st and 3rd couplet, living right hands, turn their vis-à-vis half way round and retain hands.
3-4 While 1st and 3rd couples set, 1st and 3rd women turn under own arm by the right.
5-8 The 1st and 3rs women, followed by 3rd and 1st men, dance clockwise round the outside of the set to finish with women in original position but on left of vis-à-vis. The men finish in the opposite position and face clockwise.
9-12 While the 1st and 3rd women, giving right hands, turn once round to finish in original places, 3rd and 1st men dance clockwise round the set to finish in original places.
13-16 1st and 3rd couples, giving right hands turn their vis-à-vis once round.
17-32 2nd and 4th couples repeat bars 1-16.
33-40 All the women dance right hands across, then, giving left hands to their partners, turn once round, the women finishing in the middle of the set facing their partners.
41-42 Giving right hands to partners all turn half way round to finish in promenade hold facing anticlockwise.
43-48 All promenade round three places anticlockwise to new positions.
49-56 All the men dance left hands across, then giving right hands to partners, turn once round to finish on the sides of the set.
57-64 Eight hands round and back.
Repeat three more time from new position.

Helen Russell, 2010
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