Scottish Grand Ball

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13 December 2014

Hotel I Portici

Via Indipendenza 69, Bologna (BO)

ore 20.00 - 23.00

Live music with Jig Rig
(Guitars, Harp, Bagpipe, Vocals, Accordion, Tin Whistle, Percussion)

MC: Alessia Branchi

Dances Program

1. Abbey Jig (x32J)
2. Easy Peasy (8x32R)
3. Jean Martin of Aberdeen (3x32S)
4. Simon's Dance (1x128R)
5. A Castle in the Air (8x32R)
6. Alison Rose (4x32S)
7. Monica's Way (4x32J)
8. The Flying Scotsman (8x32J)


9. Waltz Country Dance (x40W)
10. Le Papillon (8x32J)
11. The Whisky Association Reel (8x32R)
12. Hedwig's Reel (8x32R)
13. The Laird of Milton's Daughter (8x32J)
14. Baldovan Square (1x96S)
15. The Wild Goose Chase (8x40R)
16. Postie's Jig (4x32J)


Ball: 20 €

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