The Right side of 40

Medley S 2x64 + R 2x64, 4 couples (square set) - Maria Elena Bonacini and Alexia Jeanine Fischer

1-4 All set to and turn corner right hand.
5-8 All set to and turn partner left hand.
09-16 Ladies dance ¾ right hands across and turn new partner left hand.
17-24 Women dance in for two, pull back right shoulder, out for two and half chase clockwise to opposite position, while men perform highland steps.
25-32 Men dance ¾ left hands across and turn own partner right hand. 
33-40 Men dance in for two, pull back left shoulder, out for two and half chase counter-clockwise to opposite position, while women perform highland steps.
41-48 1st couple and 3rd couple half ladies’ chain; dance back to back with own partner.
49-56 2nd couple and 4th couple repeat bars 41-48.
57-64 All couples dance eight hands round and back.

Dance twice in strathspey time and twice in reel time

The dance was devised for the 40th birthday of Valeria Corradin, founder of the group Scotia Shores and co-founder of the RSCDS Northern Italy Branch.

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