SCD and Highland Weekend

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12 April 2014 - 13 April 2014


via Colonnello Scremin , Marostica (VI)

Teachers: Jim Stott (RSCDS) e Pam Dignan (UKA)

Saturday12 April

10.30-12.30 a.m. Highland session with Pam Dignan - Intermediate level
12.45-2.15 p.m. lunch (not included in the fee)
2.30-5.30 p.m. SCD workshop with Jim Stott - Intermediate/advanced level

5.30-6.30 pm you can refresh for the dinner at Danzarte
6.30 pm transfer for Dinner and Ball (7 km)
We are available for shuttle service to there

6.45-8.00 pm Buffet Dinner at Barchessa of Villa San Biagio
Dinner is not included and must be booked in the application form (€15 per person)
8.15-12.00 pm Grand Ball in Central Hall of Villa San Biagio
Via San Biagio 29, Mason Vicentino (VI)


Ball Program

1. The Borrowdale Excange (Rx32)
2. Collie Law (J8x32)
3. The Kissing Bridge (R8x32)
4. The Misses Marshall of Mildford (J8x32)
5. Sirius (S4x32)
6. The Bees of Maggieknockater (J4x32)
7. The Ambassador's Reel (R8x32)
8. The Hobgoblin (J8x32)
9. Land O'Cakes (S8x32)
10. Grimaldi 700 (R1x88)


11. Border Meeting (Rx32)
12. The New Waterloo Reel (R8x32)
13. Ali's Jig (J8x32)
14. The Glasgow Highlanders (S8x32)
15. Flight To Melbourne (R4x32)
16. The Hollin Buss (J8x32)
17. Lochindorb Strathspey (S3x32)
18. The Midnight Jig (J8x32)


19. The Right Side of 40 (S64+R64)



For those who want, we have the opportunity to stay overnight at Villa San Biagio with preferential:
Single 50 € - Double € 75 - Triple € 100 
In the area there are also other places to stay.

Sunday13 April

10.30-12.30 a.m. SCD workshop with Jim Stott

at Danzarte - via Colonnello Scremin - Marostica (VI)

In the afternoon there will be a guided tour of the historic center of Vicenza for those interested


Full workshop (dinner and hotel not included): 60 €

Without highland: 50 €

Plus 15 € for the dinner

Note: prices of single part of the stage on request

Application form within 28 February 2014
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